Last year’s event was a huge success with 90% of the sleds completing the entire challenge still running. A TNT 440 seized a piston on the second pass of the drag race and a ‘69 Polaris Mustang broke a track cleat during the catwalk competition.

Top Speed: ‘94 Ski Doo 583 - 93ish MPH
Drag Race: ‘89 Indy 500
Longest Catwalk: ‘69 Polaris Mustang
Best Looking: ‘79 Arctic Cat Panther 5000 (P-40 Warhawk Livery)
Best Exhaust: ‘71 Mercury Lightning (503 Rotax w/ custom pipe)
Most Reliable: ‘72 Massey Ferguson Ski-Whiz 500SST
Most Sponsored: ‘96 Polaris XLT 650

With that said, it’s on again this year and we have twice as many relics going!

I finally put together a video from last year’s event with some of the highlights, which can be viewed here.

And here’s a few shots from last years event to wet the appetite.

Last year’s group photo


A closer shot of the beaters
Most Reliable (owner paid $40! for this sled)
The ‘69 Polaris Mustang in action during the catwalk competition


Lightning’s attempt at a catwalk
FNF8 - CSC Edition
Friday afternoon at the cottage, total white out


This year’s event is already shaping up to be a good one with almost double the sleds signed up to compete for ultimate bragging rights. The guys have been scouring Craigslist, Facebook and Ebay for old school muscle sleds under $300. Ski’s, traction improvements, seats, handle bars, paint, exhaust and CC’s are all open, but the sled has to be Pre-’85 and maintain a stock suspension, number of carbs and stock secondary. All mods must fit in sled purchase price.

A few of us went up to the A-1 Show N Swap a month ago and scored deals on some clean Arctic Cats that will add to the competition. One El Tigre 500 F/A and a 440 Panther Fanner. Both are in great condition considering their age and at under $300 each should provide plenty of smiles per dollar.


The two ‘79 Panthers from last year will make a return visit with new seals and new paint and accessories as will the TNT 440 with a new motor and hopefully more than two races in it. There will be at least four Yamaha’s including a ‘83 540 SRV, ‘80 440 Exciter and two Enticer 340s. A ‘80 Scorpion Sting, ‘79 Pantera F/A 500 and some mystery sleds will also be added. In total there will be about 18 contestants with sleds by the time the event hits in February.

Mouse nests are great NVH treatements
Enticer 340 #2


Piston sparkles from the TNT 440!

If you know a good snow dance, let me know because we’re going to need it!