Cheap Swap/Crazy Swap: Citroen SM

Welcome again to Cheap Swap/Crazy Swap, where you choose what goes into the car! This old Citroen for sale is today’s candidate. Supply a reasonable engine or a ridiculous one, bonus points if you can provide links to the parts needed. Allons y!

From Wikipedia (paraphrased for brevity):

The Citroen SM was only sold briefly in the US, from 1971 to 1974. With variable-height suspension, variable-assist power steering, and a 90 degree V6 from Maserati, this was a cutting-edge vehicle at its release in 1970. It won various awards including Motor Trend’s Car of the Year award in 1972.

Rough interior, but LOOK AT THAT SHIFTER!

Now, while all those technological innovations may have yielded an amazing vehicle back in the early ‘70s, they all contribute to the SM being a horrible nightmare to maintain and find parts for today. This is a front-wheel-drive GT car with a top speed of 140 mph, designed and built by the French almost 50 years ago. It’s an complex vehicle that provides a complex challenge.

This SM is priced at $8950, but cheaper ones are out there too. With the desirable 5-speed manual, this one has lots of potential. Find an engine (and any other parts if you want to simplify the car) that’ll get the car on the road for cheap, and find an engine that gives this ambitious design the craziness it deserves.

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