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As a follow up to my morning post about trying to get Windows 10 on my cheap Windows 7 laptop, I figured I’d post my troubleshooting techniques.


[UPDATE] Well everything was... bad. Good call on the USB install, it was indeed faster. Also hat tip to Toni Cipriani @ 1G2MB LE5 MA5 for the windows activation tip. Ultimately the problem ended up being with the video card of all things. Turns out telling the the BIOS to force use of the NVIDIA graphics card over the integrated graphics is the trick for the W520. FML.

That said, now running a fully legit install of Win 10 with all drivers present and accounted for. :squee:

Now I’ve discovered the search term “UMPC” I’m having a problem.


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Step 0

Try installing with the DVD drive set as the #1 boot option.

That didn’t work.

Nor did booting from the install media and asking it to repair Windows. Actually made it SUPER cranky.


Step 1

Message received: Installing from DVD is for the birds.

Illustration for article titled Cheap Thinkpad Win 10 Troubleshooting [updated]

Luckily they’re letting me download from my main desktop onto a USB drive without making a fuss about it. Once that is done I’ll give it a try.

Step 2

It has been suggested adding the registry key AllowOSUpgrade to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\OSUpgrade


Worth a shot and I’ve got that running in parallel with Step 1.

Step 3

Install a fresh copy of Win 10 and buy a licence.

Because fuck this shit.

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