The original Solara was a good idea. Why not make a credible competitor to the Accord coupe? Unfortunately, it priced itself out of it's market. But now that you can pick up a V6 Manual for $2k, is it such a bad deal?

This car has aged pretty well. The lines are incredibly clean, and - dare I say - timeless. I love the way it looks, with the clean sweep of the swage line from nose to deck.

The interior is more loaded than Lucille Bluth on a distillery tour. Leather-wrapped wheel, 8-way power seats, auto climate control and a full suite of gauges were all available.


Expect to pay a bit more for the convertible, but you get panoramic views and a more airy cabin.


You could even get a TRD supercharger put on your Solara. Car and Driver hit zero to sixty in 6.3 seconds with this kit.

So how does OPPO feel about the original Solara? And would anyone buy one for two grand?