What car has the best Engine Awesomeness (measured in imperial units of cool) for the least money?

This is a bit different than the standard power/dollar comparison, because power isn't what makes a great engine, though it is a factor. A great engine (and arguably, transmission combo too, as a bad transmission can ruin a good engine!) should exhibit the following, though definitely not limited to:

- Awesome Sound

- Good Revving characteristics (redline, spin-up speed)

- Excellent Reliability

- Lightweight construction

- Acceptable Power

- Great Availability and cost of replacement parts

- Great Availability and cost of performance parts

- High Potential for upgrades

- Beautiful Appearance in the engine bay

And obviously many more.

My choice has to be the 1998 Camaro Z/28 or SS, which came with the first-year of the LS1 motor. Though underrated at 305HP, you can buy a 16-year-old LS1 and still drive it, work on it, and upgrade it far above and beyond what it was designed for stock. Plus, a good example can be found for less than $7000.