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Cheapster appears to be rubbing off on my father-in-law.

I have talked before about my father-in-law and how he owns part of a small used car dealership. He frequently buys cars that are, to put it bluntly, junk. That’s why there are seven or so non-saleable cars on the property at this time. He realized they were in worse shape than he thought and he decided to just park them. (These are a 2002 Maxima with severe ABS issues, a 2000 Tiburón that spews smoke, an 03 Caravan with a slipping transmission, a couple of 60-something Ford F350s with transmissions on the ground beneath them, a rusty Taurus wagon, and a rusty 2-tone brown S10 Blazer.)

Of course, this past week he picked up 3 cars that are actually not junk:

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I joked with him that he kept looking at our old Cherokee and had to get one of his own. That one is clean but it has ETSU stickers on the back. It might be a rusty mess underneath from spending wintertime in the mountains of East Tennessee. If not, though, he stands to make a decent profit. (He told me he never takes more than $2000 to any dealer sale)

The interior looks about perfect and it’s only got 166k miles. Outside the only visible defects are a couple minor dings and some sunburned clear coat on the hood. For a post-facelift 4.0 4x4 XJ, that’s just getting broken in. Plus it appears to be a base-model that’s bone-stock so it’s got minimal electronic stuff to go wrong.


The fit is for my mother in law. He got a good deal on an 08 Sport. The Spectra is going on the lot as soon as it gets two new doors. It had a minor bump-up on the passenger side.

Interestingly, the Spectra is identical to our friend’s Spectra.

Also the more I Drive Cheapster the more I find myself looking at XJs...

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