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Check Out My Gravel Pit

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I went back to get a second load of 1" ledge pack for my driveway and the loader operator was nowhere to be seen. A guy drives by in a company truck and asks me what I’m looking for, so I tell him, and he says, “Oh yeah just drive around out there till you find him!” Wait, really?


I may have been unreasonably excited to get the instruction of, “just go explore the gravel pit in your truck,” and so off I went. However, I didn’t have to go too far before the operator spotted me, gave me an understanding wave, and I headed back to the pile of ledge pack to wait for him. I really wanted to drive up some big piles of gravel. In any case, ever since then I cannot get the Wu-Tang song out of my head:

In other news, I had never seen that music video, despite hearing the song a jillion times. I just... wow. I also DO NOT recommend looking up “gravel pit” in the urban dictionary. No really, don’t. Seriously.

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