Well, my ATS is at the dealer because the dash now squeaks like a chew toy following my last service for a CUE screen replacement. Luckily, they gave me a CT6 as a loaner.

I’ll do a more complete review after driving it more but here are my initial impressions:

1) Interior - Lovely. I haven’t been in a new 5 Series or E-class but the CT6 is really a nice place to be. Also, best sound system I’ve ever had the honor of hearing.


2) How does it drive? Also lovely. I wouldn’t take it auto crossing like my ATS but it’s supremely confident and planted yet comfortable. The steering is nicely weighted and communicative enough for this car.

3) How is CUE? Much improved. I’m not crazy about the track pad in the center console but its certainly an improvement over my ATS’ CUE system.

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