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Check Your Clutch Cables!

The GS is down!

Today I went to Kenosha Pride to round out my year of Pride celebrations. While riding the GS around I felt two “thumps” from the clutch lever. Didn’t think anything of it. Then I found myself having issues getting into Neutral and just downshifting in general. While trying to figure it out I discovered the source of my problems...


Gee, that cable is holding on by a thread! There are literally just three strands holding it together.

I nursed the bike the 35 miles to my mom’s garage and decided to swap it for the Goldwing. I didn’t want to chance the 50 miles ride home and instead I opted for the 35 miles. I’ll daily the Goldwing until I can replace this $11 part in a few days.

While pulling out the Goldwing it spilled coolant from... somewhere. Never found out where the coolant came from. I assume the overflow tube.


Upon start the Goldwing smelled of coolant and out came a steady stream of white smoke out of the right side pipe. I was about to cry because not only would two of my bikes be out of commission but my beloved Goldwing would need a new headgasket. Thankfully it was just condensation and both the coolant smell and smoke disappeared. And through the bike’s James Bond smoke screen I learned my right pipe has a rust hole. About as I expected considering I rode it through the end of winter..

Whew... just... what a day of anxiety! How are your weekends going? Have a couple more Keno Pride pics!


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