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Checking In, AMA

I don’t post, or frankly even comment, much anymore but I’m still around. I figured I’d check in with an update and an AMA.

It’s been a busy month. Started in a new role at work last week. Quite a drastic change from where I thought I’d be a few years ago. I now do data analytics, and it’s actually really exciting. I’ve worked late almost every day, even worked on something this morning. I think that’s a good sign because I enjoy it and I care, though I’m sure I’ll reign it in eventually because at this pace it’ll be easy to feel overworked.


On Monday my fiancee and I will close on our first house. The whole purchase process has been significantly more work than I ever anticipated, and I honestly can’t wait for it to end. I’m excited about the house, but more excited to put that whole stress generator behind me. Of course I’m sure the fog will clear to all the stress of how to arrange furniture in the house, the laundry list of items to change/paint/redo, and all the new crap I’ll decide i need to buy, but at least that SHOULD be fun.

So yeah, AMA b/c no one probably remembers I started the Oppo AMA trend. Have a great day, oppo.

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