Watching the checker when I hear the bagger saying something. I turn towards him and realize he’s talking to me, but I only catch the word “Thanksgiving”

Me: “Sorry, I didn’t catch that”

Bagger: “So do you think the world will be over by Thanksgiving?”

Me: “...”

(let me just grab that tinfoil I just bought)

Bagger: “well the President said if he launches another rocket he’s gonna rain down on him”

Me: “um... no? Also, you don’t have to bag the milk”

Bagger: “You think he’ll launch another rocket?”

*he stops putting my groceries in the bags and just stares at me*

Just imagine Crazy Eyes as an elderly man


Me: “Probably”

*Bagger’s eyes get real big*

Bagger: “but he said it at the UN, they had a meeting about it”

Me: “You can just throw the bread in that bag”

I didn’t know how to end the conversation, so I just grabbed my bags and walked off.


Gotta love casual nuclear apocalypse talk with strangers.


For your time.