Step by step inside.

Things needed:

ground beef (85/15 preferred) roughly 2.5lbs made 7 burgers.

Salt and pepper, or what other seasoning one likes.

Your preferred cheese. Muenster works well because it is stable at high temperatures. Blue cheese? Not so much.


Step 1:

Salt and pepper the beef. This is at your discretion, but I apply a layer of both before kneading the beef.


Step 2:

Knead beef. This is an important part. Too often I see people just grab a handful of beef and slap into a patty shape only for it to fall to pieces while cooking. Basically squish it together until there are no more tendril pieces. I work it into a log shape before separating. Then break off into even sized pieces. I will roll them into a ball before flattening. Each piece will need to be broken into two for this purpose.


Step 3:

Make the patty. Begin by pressing into hand. This helps with overall structural integrity. Continue this until you get the general shape.


You want to get the pieces as thin as possible, so next place patty on a plate and press outward with fingers.


Should be about this thin.

Comparison: Normal non-stuffed burger on right, thin patty on left.


Step 4:

Cut the cheese. Make offering to cheese god. I make the slices about 3/16 of an inch.


Step 5:

I didn’t get any pictures for this part because I forgot to. Pretty much, place cheese on patty leaving about 1/2” border. Place other patty on top and work edges together to seal in cheese as best as possible.

Step 6:

Fry or grill. Whatever method is at your disposal.


Then add condiments/toppings of choice. I did one with horseradish and one with mustard.