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Cheetos Mac and cheese round 3 : Flamin' Hot

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My least favorite by a large margin. It’s like 90% heat and 10% flavor. I’m not even sure it could be improved by adding meat and veggies.


As far as how spicy it is I’d say it’s not as spicy as munching on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and the burn does not stick around. My stomach and lips did not radiate heat for long after I finished.

It’s violently and aggressively red. I was concerned it would stain my sink but it appears to have not stuck around.


I also didn’t post this yesterday to give my gastrointestinal system time to process this and it was fine.


If you want some trash food get the jalapeno version. It’s tasty enough on its own without the Cheetos baggage.

If you don’t like spicy food but still want to give these a try then the Bold & Cheesy is ok ... I guess.

How difficult is it to be cheesy? Not very.

I am having a salad for lunch today. 

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