Know anyone with a 9-speed transmission equipped Cherokee? Ask them about the transmission. Turns out many of them are defective and Chrysler is flummoxed when they are presented for warranty repairs.

Oh, and last week I asked readers to submit vocabulary words to me via Twitter (@stevelehto). I often find myself using an unusual word or two in my podcast and I asked for requests. I took THREE (3) words from the suggestions on Twitter and worked them into my podcast. The first person to tell me what the three words were (comments below or via Twitter) will win a free copy of one of my recent books (Tucker, Winged Cars or Turbine Cars) - your choice.

One clue: I use the words in alphabetical order. So if you have three words I used that were not used in alphabetical order, keep looking.

And if you know someone who has a 9-speed Cherokee, tell them that the trouble they have with their transmission is God’s way of punishing them for buying an automobile with too many speeds. The only thing that should have that many speeds is a bicycle.

Here is the audio:


And the video:

And the pic at the top is from my recent trip to WCSX in Detroit to tape an interview about Preston Tucker with Peter Werbe.


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