Chevelle Engine Update

I have no pictures of the actual parts yet. Sorry.

Drove out to the machine shop this morning to check out the bottom end parts (had them shipped there; see below) for the 383 build and talk machine work.

Scat forged stroker crank (internal balance), Scat 6" I-beam rods with 7/16 ARP bolts (bushed for floating wrist pin), Clevite tri-metal bearings, moly/cast/cast Total Seal rings, Icon forged pistons (coated skirts), full floating wrist pins. Many shiny parts.


Also finalized the plan for the machine work on the block, which is getting a full going-over as well as the fine-tuning of the rotating bits (which is why they went to the shop despite me doing the final assembly).

Line hone, set main bearing clearances, bore .030 over, hone to match pistons, set clearance on the rod bearings, set oil clearance on the wrist pins (both rod and piston), clearance the block as required for stroker-ness, check the deck height and deck enough to square it all up, light hone on the lifter bores, embiggen main oil galley, final cleaning, install cam bearings and oil galley plugs. The block has already been cleaned and pressure tested. Rotating assembly will also be balanced.

We also spit-balled ideas for heads and cam type (probably a solid flat tappet on the latter, exact spec TBD; exact heads TBD, but aluminum and probably 200cc runner, 64-67cc chamber)


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