Chevelle is now half hovercar

This afternoon I took some time to remove the front suspension / steering linkage from the Chevelle. Being rebuilt ~2012, nothing was particularly stuck (though one of the balljoints was pretty happy with being in its taper).

I hate brake fluid so much that I am willing to work around the brake calipers/lines.

If I have time tomorrow I’d like to remove the steering shaft / box and generally complete dismantling it (so I can then clean up the frame for primer/paint).



The patented “full sketch” spring removal technique works every time. Simply loosely tie the coil to the chassis using part of a ratchet strap (I’ve used chain in the past, too), disconnect the spindle, lower the arm to full-droop, and pop the spring out of the pocket with a crowbar. The strap catches it from flying into the neighbor’s house, and the spring is out without drama.

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