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Chevelle Update

I was going to make a more detailed post, but it’s late, I’m tired, and most of Oppo doesn’t even read my posts about this project (vs my others) so too bad.

If nothing else, it looks cool

The Summit-brand long tubes are in (not without quite a fight though, which involved things like turning the steering wheel so the flat of the shaft was right, removing valve covers, bending the dipstick tube, and other “this shouldn’t be this complicated, this is why I didn’t want long tubes” tasks while inserting the headers from the bottom. No way they’d have gone in from above, and I used every last inch below the car to get them in). Other than #6 (which is a disaster) plug access is very good, and they don’t hang down too low which is also good.


The drivetrain is fully assembled, having adjusted the clutch this morning and pumped the z-bar full of grease (or at least close to it, got tired of pumping and may have run out part way through). In theory it could be started and driven right now, though it would be loud and otherwise unpleasant - especially the rear half of the exhaust banging around.

The drop light plus phone picture makes this look wayyyy more Avacado/Lime than it really is...

The interior is all back together (though I realized about an hour ago I put the shift boot on wrong, but this car won’t see rain anytime soon so it’ll be okay until some other time). I still need to take the pin out of the column shifter, and attempt to connect the speedometer (99% sure the cable is too short, going from driver’s to passenger’s side sender). Probably should put oil in the trans, too.

Mainly though, all it’s waiting on is getting the exhaust back together. I have a plan so it should be doable with minimal fuss, if things go well the test drive should be mid-week.

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