Despite not posting about it, I have still been working on the Chevelle lately. After all, I’ve got nothing better to do.

Just sort of sitting there, hence the weird alignment.

In the past week or so, I have cleaned up the a/c housing, seen above. This is fiberglass, and from the factory would have been bare as pictured. This car being this car though, it was completely covered in undercoating, which was a joy to remove without beating up the fiberglass underneath. I also cleaned up and repainted the metal bracket, not yet refinished above.


In non-pictured progress, I received a bunch of parts in the mail, cleaned up the wiper motor (ready to install) and HVAC blower motor. I need to put the new fan (which I have) on the motor and it will be ready to go in (old one was broken as it turns out, which explains the ticky noises from the heater vents when on).

Another big step was stripping the old undercoating off the side rails of the frame and refinishing them in satin black. I tried to take a picture of this, but being black painted frame rails below a black painted floor under a car in the corner of the garage, you can imagine how well it turned out.

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