Chevelle Update

Made some progress the past couple days. For one, the new fuel line is installed. I don’t really have pictures of this because it’s way up under the car and hard to see, let alone photograph. Trust me.

In the front where it emerges out of the crossmember, I did add a clamp. In the factory setup the steel line ends about flush with the edge of the frame, and is pretty well free floating. The rubber hose is slid down over this and clamped, and keeps it from rubbing through. I plan on putting a -6 AN line on the end, which means the hard line would rub through on the frame from vibration in no time. An appropriate size p-clip, drill, tap, and 1/4-20 bolt fixes that and keeps the line supported in the center of the opening for maximum longevity.


In more visually-exciting news, this evening I installed the passenger’s side fender and inner fender! This isn’t permanent but will allow me to repair the missing chunk (thanks, rust) on the bottom of the fender. Once that’s more or less in place, it will come back off for other final work and I’ll do the same on the other side.

This was mostly bondo’ed over before I removed the fender. Thanks, whoever repainted the car years ago!

Conveniently I do have patch panels for this part of the fender, so it might not be too awful to get patched up. The only other repair the fenders need is one or two of the tabs which hold the inner fender in place which have rusted pretty badly on both sides. After that it’ll be the same sort of strip/clean/paint as other parts, but the fenders will get proper primer/paint.

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