Chevrolet Shocks The World; World Doesn't Notice

A strange new commercial from Chevy has a group of “real people” sitting at a table situated on an empty ramp that feeds a bustling freeway, having a Q & A with Chevy dude. “Real people” are then surprised when Chevy dude reveals that the answer to his questions are Chevrolets. At that moment, six brand new Chevrolets parade down the ramp and arrange themselves in from of the group.
But what is the shocking decision made by Chevrolet? Here is a screen grab of the moment:

Illustration for article titled Chevrolet Shocks The World; World Doesnt Notice

We have been told that the reason our roads are such a bland and joyless place is because silver, gray and black are the only colors that people want to buy.
Yet, here is Chevrolet, presenting not one or two, but six different models, including a full size truck, and not one of them are silver or gray or black.
Kudos are in order. Bravo, Chevrolet.

Here’s the full commercial:

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