"The most powerful car under 30 grand" says the announcer. For $29,995 you got a car with endless rear-leg room, projector headlights, leather and a pushrod V8 that would propel you to 60 in five seconds flat. It wasn't a earth shattering level of performance nor would the mid 90's decorated interior impressed most buyers...but good god was it a performance deal.

My wife owned a G8 GT. It was not a stock car. Heads, cam, headers, a 2800 stall; it was a beast of a car and she loved it. Unfortunately it was too loud for our new baby so she sold it and we bought an IS-F.

Here is a quick start-up video of the G8. I still keep up with car and email the owner every now and then.

I'm not here to reminiscence the demise of Pontiac, but rather to ask what has filled the void of cars like the G8 GT in terms of practical, performance and price point.


When you look at the URL for the Dodge Charger it says, "2014 Dodge Charger - Full Size Sedan with a HEMI Engine." It would appear that Dodge is the last bastion in the land of performance sedans that I would consider affordable.

I started to think about all this after Jalopnik's review of the new Chevrolet SS, a car that in many ways replaces the G8, both in offering and Country of Origin. But the SS costs $14,000 more than the G8 GT putting it far out of reach of many buyers. Yet the performance is identical, 0-60 in 5 seconds.


Think about that. Five years after the G8 GT was launched Chevy brings over an almost similar car with almost identical performance numbers and charges you $14,000 more for it. Talk about "Bend over performance buyer."

I don't want this to turn into a Best Performance Car Under $30K discussion, but I have to ask – was the G8 GT the last of it's breed from General Motors? Has GM walked away from the family performance buyer that isn't SS-rich?