I have been reading and watching a lot of Chevy SS reviews over the years. Always been intrigued by it but it was hard to get hold of an example at my local dealers. Finally got a chance to do a 1 hour test drive.

POWERTRAIN: 6.2-liter OHV V8, RWD six-speed automatic OUTPUT: 415 hp @ 5,900 rpm; 415 lb-ft @ 4,600 rpm, CURB WEIGHT: 3,975 lb, FUEL ECONOMY: 14/22/16 mpg(EPA City/Hwy/Combined)

Link to changes by year: https://www.ssforums.com/forum/chevy-ss-general-discussion-forum/131969-ss-changes-model-years.html#post2422089

The Chevy Impalibu

Exterior: This has been discussed ad nauseam. You either hate the dull Malibu-esque looks or love how it flies under the radar. I do love a good sleeper so “It’s too boring” will not be a complaint from me.


Personally I prefer the newer versions like the one below with far less chrome and better front fascia and wheels like this:

Like this better


Interior: Visibility very good nice and airy but no sunroof.

Simple straight forward non nonsense controls including the infotainment, gauges, good switchgear, easy to learn and use. Suede and stitched leather looks good. Get rid of chrome put a wrap on it, seriously. Tacky and creates glare. Liked cabin overall. HUD is very good.


Very comfortable soft seats ventilation works great, needs more side bolstering though, felt it especially in off ramps, but great for highway. Back seats are equally good Over 6 inches of legroom behind myself at 5’11”, 4 inches headroom easy to get in and out, YUGE trunk. Loose gas pedal, I guess it’s a Chevy feature. Brake pedal feel was much better. Loved the steering wheel which very nice in hands.


The Drive: Artificially weighted steering but loose off center. Steering was better in the ATS and Camaro but it’ll do I guess. It gets heavier with speed but I wish it would be heavy all the time.


The Automatic keeps it around 3K in S, D keeps it at 2k, Downshifts fast, upshift takes a second and the same when cruising and you need to pass. I would keep it in S mode. Better Tuning should help. 6 speeds was perfect because this engine has such a broad operating range and was not hunting for gears. Felt better than the 8 speed in the Camaro SS I test drove recently

Car is big but didn’t feel too big and especially not too wide like the Camaro. Handling is solid, very little body roll and suspension is softish, but not floaty and provides a great ride despite 19 inches but not tight and stiff like I wanted it. Dispatches potholes with a muffled “thud thud”. I believe does benefits greatly from adjustable magnetic shocks which you can adjust to make it firm or soft.


This car has great sound deadening. So quiet, V8’s the noise with the window open =Camaro’s noise with window closed. Needs a louder factory or aftermarket exhaust. Wakes up after 3K RPM and pulls hard. This thing eats up freeway onramps. 60-80 roll ons were also great. Obviously not as fast as the Camaro in the top range and it shows but the engine is truly the highlight of this car.

Brakes are fantastic! Traction control keeps you from doing stupid stuff, did not turn it off. Did allow for wheelspin but didn’t step out the rear as much as the Camaro, obviously.


Large size for a family of 4, comfortable, quiet, little bit of wind noise but not much road noise. Great on the highway. Unless you put your foot down this a relaxed American cruiser. It feels like 2 different cars in one.

Overall, I liked this car a lot. It never tries to be something other than what it is. It felt old school enough, a more mature American G37 with a quieter more comfortable interior and ride, electric steering a stonking V8. It’s definitely on my shortlist but I am sucker for luxury cars and I love a good turbo V6 as well - I should try a CTS V-sport sometime. The autos are cheaper than the manuals though but still have to deal with abysmal fuel efficiency. Sad to know that the 2017s are the last model year and they are already getting pretty care. Definitely a future classic.


Blacked Out Chevy Badges. Good decision

Edit: Here’s the Smoking Tire review by both Matt and Larry Kosila of the 2014 SS Auto and I agree with a lot of what they say