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Chevy Bolt configurator is up. Charging options are stupid.

Wait, no 240v charging cable from GM? They really want to sell this without “scaring” people. Or do they want to sell it...

“No electrical work, anyone can buy this!”
Although, you may not be able to drive it everyday, as it will still be charging from that long drive on Sunday. Charging at 4mph (if it is a NEMA 5-20, 3 mph if it is not) will not get you a lot of overnight range at home (best case is 56 miles over 14 hours).
And DC fast charging is not included by default, and limited to 50kw? Ugh.


They are just confirming what I’ve been saying all along: this is an EV for the range anxious commuter. Oh wait, low charge speed makes this false! This is an EV for the range-anxious, occasional commuter.

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