Chevy needs to up their game.

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This thing is 1300 dollars cheaper than the Model 3 in Mexico, which means Chevrolet is selling an econo-box, FWD, lame as fuck electric car for almost the same price as a cool, RWD, luxurious Model 3.


Yes, it has a bit more range, but it must be fucking impossible to move these when the MSRP is 42,000 dollars! Also known as 1.2 Stinger GTs.

We don’t get a Federal Tax credit for EVs or hybrids here, but that didn’t stop Chevrolet from adding a ridiculous mark-up to the Bolt from the very begining. Above the 40k price levels, no one is pinching pennies, and I really think that the arrival of the model 3 here, along the very competitive pricing will prove to be a problem for the Bolt, and the 3er hybrid, and the A4.


I sat in a Model 3 Long Range today and it feels every bit as solid as any mid size luxury sedan. Originally I didn’t care for it since I expected Tesla to sell them for a lot more here than in the US, but I was proven wrong...

The MSRP is comparable to an 2.0 Audi A4 TFSI, cheaper than the BMW 330e, and the C300. Key difference is that the Audi and the Merc would be stuck paying a very high roadtax and require emissions inspections every six months. The Tesla doesn't pay or need either.

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