The right name on the wrong vehicle, its competitively priced. But also stepping on toes in Chevy’s lineup. I got the email of the pricing this morning:


Trailblazer L is bare bones but Chevy is trying to sell it as value as the standout standard features on it are mainly driver safety aids. Auto emergency braking, forward collision alert and front pedestrian braking are all standard on L.

LS builds on L by coming standard with fold flat passenger seat, 17" aluminum wheels and LED DRL’s. I will say its a good move that they went with 17" wheels. The new Hyundai Venue has shown that small wheels emphasize how small these crossovers are.

Trailblazer LT

LT builds on LS by coming with roof rails, fog lamps, heated seats and remote start.

Trailblazer Pose...I mean Activ

Activ is the off road wannabe. It comes with dual exhaust, two tone paint options, rugged sport terrain tires (whatever it means, its meaningless on this thing) and leatherette seating.


RS is the top of the Trailblazer line. Coming off as sporty, it comes with dual exhaust, two tone paint,18' wheels with black inserts, cloth/leatherette seats with red accents and a flat bottom (lol!) leather wrapped steering wheel.

The Trailblazer will be the cheapest way you can get into a Chevy crossover. With two small ass engines available, this thing should be fun to drive. Base engine is a 1.2 I3 with 137 horses paired to a CVT. Other trims get the option of a turbo 1.3 with 155 horses. AWD is available on the upper trims costing anywhere from $1500-2k, depending on trim.


Pricing on this however brings into question the existence of the Trax, the current small Sonic based crossover, and calls its value into question with it stepping on the base Equinox as well. Many might not pay attention to that though considering that for the price of a base Equinox you are getting features on the upper trims of the Trailblazer. But anyway, I’m still not sure who this is for. It goes on sale early in ‘20.

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