Chevy Sonic Beats WRX's on the Power Stage of HDTPR

Dramatic Landscapes at HDTPR - Ray Piloto & Brock Palmer #124 Chevy Sonic RS - Picture by Mathew Mendoza #wheelsdirty

Yep, that’s still a turbo 1.4l. AND yep - Someone just drove the crap out of it! Last weekend at the High Desert Trails Performance Rally in Ridgecrest, CA - Ray Piloto & Brock Palmer cleaned house by showing that 2WD’s, 1.4l turbos, and more importantly, a properly equipped and driven Rally Sonic is anything but slow.

The team crushed 2WD and went on to crush the 4 Subaru Impreza WRX’s that just couldn’t seem to set a better time down the 10 mile last stage at HDT. They are instantly qualified for the NASA National Rally Championship for 2016. Check out times for the event here: HDTPR Results


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