Ok follow me on this. My next car is down to one of these two. It might seem like a simple choice (moar power), but it isn’t that simple.

2016 Chevy SS - final year for the Holden Commodore version SS. Manual transmission! And rumored to have a small power bump to 425HP, and slight appearance changes like black wheels and updated fascia to make it look slightly less like a rental Malibu. The thing is, the SS is the closest thing to an E39 M5 today, and perhaps the closest thing to sport sedan perfection - manual trans, big NA V8, RWD, mag ride and enough space for 4 regular sized adults to travel in comfort. They very likely won’t make any more like this, ever. The new Alfa Giulia is like the ATS-V - both smaller, manual trans, RWD, and turbo V6.

2016 CTS-V - the first year of V3. 640HP luxury super sedan. Automatic only and 2x the $ of the SS. It is the true 4-door Corvette. Supercharged LT4. Laden with technology and go-fast parts. Journalists can’t write about it until Aug 3rd, but I fully expect it to be the dominant super sedan in the class when it comes to performance and overall driving dynamics (we will see).


For some reason, I’m drawn to the manual SS, although I know the V3 will be incredible. Is the CTS-V the obvious choice? I can always get a CTS-V later, but this will very likely be the last chance to get a new SS. I have excluded Charger Hellcat because I can’t get one, won’t pay over MSRP for a Charger no matter how much HP it has, don’t really care for how they look, and prefer a better handling car versus straight-line speed that I can’t really use on the street.