So the post about the Jalopnik Film Festival and their partnership with Volvo to sponsor an amateur film got me thinking. I don't really have an idea in mind yet, but this seems like a really cool opportunity to try to do something awesome. We live in a state with an incredibly diverse car culture, which would certainly work to our advantage.

In terms of what I bring to the table (i.e. why you should care to work with me in making a film) I work in marketing/social media and have done some studying of tv/radio production and other aspects of film. I'm by no means a pro at making films, but I'm a creative fella who enjoys a good challenge. Also, like all of you, I am incredibly passionate about all cars and respect all automotive cultures.

Anyone interested in collaborating on something?

For your time, have an 850R British Touring Car. #becauseracecar #becausewagon