Oppo, I’m exhausted. On Saturday at 0 dark-thirty, I drove my 4th and final child, my car packed with all the worldly belongings she thought she’d need, to her first year of college. It’s roughly a 5-ish hour drive from San Diego to San Luis Obispo. What with all the packing in, getting unpacked, and last minute Target/etc run to get the few remaining bits we forgot before we left, I didn’t get home until well after midnight on Sunday morning. So, after over 21 years of child rearing and sending the first off to Cal 2 years ago, two of his sisters off to Brandeis and UC Davis respectively, and this final canon shot up to the Central Coast, we are (for now) finally (for now) EMPTY mutherluvin’ NESTERS (for now). So, yeah ... I’m exhausted.