I have a question for those with more experience than me in safety gear. My new car predates the "LATCH" system for car seats but I still think its the easiest and safest way to transport a kiddo.

But I was wondering if it was possible/advisable to retrofit this system into my car. The idea is that I would be using High quality seat belt anchor bolts and the highest grad metal loops I could find that would satisfy the spec of the ISO standard I would then drill through the sheet metal and use the SCCA's guidelines for attaching seatbelts through sheet metal:

"all seatbelt mounting points that go thru body sheetmetal must have a 4sq.in. backing plate made of thicker steel to prevent pull-through. That's a 2x2 plate of 1/8 or 3/32 steel. Or a round washer of 2.25" diameter."

And probably have the backplate welded to the sheetmetal to be sure.

I know its probably not the right thing to do if you ask a lawyer, but what do you think? Safe, or crazy?

EDIT: looking into it the LATCH components are tested to 15kn, I would design for 2x that and weld/paint any components...but there is the legal issue.