We’ve got one kid. Having one kid didn’t really effect me or my space much. Come November, however, I will have two kids and that changes quite a bit.

Pre-kid, I had a garage and a room in the basement for my stuff, computer, and TV...basically a second living room plus office. Post kid, my wife moved her sewing room to that basement room and I moved my stuff to the third bedroom upstairs (small) while the second bedroom became the kid’s room.

Now my room is going to become the first kid’s room and his old room becomes the newborn’s room, and the garage is getting framed up, closed off, and made into a playroom/family room for the kids. Which means my garage...well, the nature of my garage is changing.

Yep, I’m moving to the shed. It’s a good size shed, 10x12 or so, and it’ll make a fine workspace. And right next to it...


...a spot for the Monte Carlo. I’m going to get rid of the bushes next to it, and then it’ll be a nice large spot to work. It’s not ideal, but I don’t hate it.


Also, I did get some work done on that car today.


I’m not convinced the old starter was necessarily bad, because the bolts on it were preeeeeetty loose. But for $35, if I’m taking an old starter out I’m putting a new one back in.