I subscribe to a lot of YouTube channels but, hidden amongst all the usual suspects of the car-nutter subscriptions (XCARFilms, Top Gear, /Drive, Muppet Studio, etc. ...) is one of my absolute favourites, cat2525jp.

No, he doesn't have the snappiest moniker out there but he does do wonderful "through the windscreen" footage of driving his Alfa Spyder (or is it a Brera?) around Tokyo using good quality cameras and lenses - normally an EOS 6D with a wide-angle Sigma lens. He then sets the films - normally taken late at night or in the very early pre-dawn - to a suitably relaxing Brian-Eno-or-similar backing track.


Here are two of my favourites and, if you've had a hard week, do as I do and fire up the AppleTV on the big screen, sit back and chill out...

(very) Early morning drive through Tokyo

What actually happens inside one of those mechanical car parks?

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