The Chinese are very serious about becoming a player in the automotive space domestically (meaning in China) and they know that to compete with the likes of VW and General Motors they need to step up their game. If this dancing man made of engine parts is any indication of their progress, well Buick had better watch out!

OK, so this isn’t a display of automotive prowess, nor is it even from a Chinese automaker. But it is pretty damn awesome. It appears to be a song and dance put on by Caltex, a global petrol company that operates gas stations, produces lubricants and all the other things a large oil conglomerate is typically involved in.

Watching this disassembled engine-robot dance around is amusing and the first thing that came to my mind, other than what kind of sub-1.6 liter engine he might actually be, was…

this is the ultimate car guy Halloween costume.

Speaking of Halloween costumes, will any of you be wearing a car-themed Halloween costume this year? If so, let’s hear about them!


This year I’m going to dress up as the scariest thing I can think of, a Land Rover with no warranty.