This stunning (no sarcasm, honest!) machine was built by a 27 year old glass factory worker in China in his spare time. I do see a teensy bit of Tesla on the front nose, but really, this machine appears to be totally unique. It’s a refreshing design from all the angular supercars of today, with such soft and curvy lines.

That’s the talented fellow that built it.

Alright, from this angle, it looks like one of those Gran Turismo Vision GT concepts.


The car is constructed from fibreglass and a galvanised tube frame. So far it’s cost him six months and 30,000, Yuan which is equivalent to just over US$4,800!


The car was featured at an auto show in Hainan recently and garnered a lot of attention. To make some money back, he’s leasing the car to photographers who want to use it in photoshoots. Happily, his parents do approve of his pet project.

The wheels do look a bit small though, but hey, nothing’s perfect. In fact, it’s far from perfect. It might look sensational, but it’s very slow. It tops out a 37mph as he has yet to find the money to install an ICE drivetrain so he has to make do with an electric motor. Furthermore, it’s currently not road-legal as Chinese authorities only allow state-approved manufacturer’s cars on the road.


Info and pics credit: DailyMail (!) and SCMP