Last month there was a rumor. A Bugatti Chiron would be at Cars and Coffee. In the end there was something as simple as a battery that held the hypercar back that month.

I am at Cars and Coffee practically every month so I knew I would run into it just like I ran into a Veyron in October of 2014. I generally stay out of the supercar section until later in the show due to the foot traffic. I walked around and one of the cars that surprised me the most was a very clean Scirocco. I also had a McLaren 650S spider practically to myself.

Then someone said the Chiron was there. He led me right to it, or rather, the wall of people that was surrounding it. I got a top down and hoped to catch it leaving the show, which I did.

It was a sight to behold. After I got home and checked the footage I noticed there was literally no barrier between the car and the public. I know people must have had their mitts all over it. The owner has had many super and hyper cars attend cars and coffee, lets people sit in them and even rev the engines. I am willing to bet if he brings it out again he’ll make sure the car has 4 feet of nothingness surrounding it. I bet he underestimated how crazy people would get. That way I also might be able to get some stationary shots of it because I definitely want take my sweet time with a rolling masterpiece. Also, I find the car more striking than the Veyron. The Veyron was cool to witness, but this raises the bar. And the color choice by the owner of this Chiron? On point. 100%