So I'm stuck between purchasing two awesome things and I'm not sure if I can afford both at the same time. On one hand, a local Miata racing shop has a lightly-used Roadster Sport 3 muffler and cat'd mid-pipe designed just for the NB for about 300$ cash. This bad boy combo retails for 600$ new.

It's possibly the best-sounding aftermarket muffler for a Miata that'll fit in without any modifications and give it that deeper-sounding throaty note versus the typical ricer fart can. I've been looking for an exhaust for a while after driving Big Kyle's Miata with an OBX muffler and it made the drive a lot more exciting.

I'll have just enough cash to afford both pieces and I'll finally be able to enjoy the exhaust note versus the ho-hum whirl of the engine itself.

On the other hand, I've been trying to restart my train collection and I found something awesome on eBay. It's a Bachmann 5 Chessie locomotive customized with upgraded metal couplers and DCC microchip! DCC is a major bonus because this means the engine can run on community large-scale layouts with other trains that're impossible to recreate using traditional transformers/controller, which can only run one locomotive at a time. DCC also allows for the train to become remote controllable, no longer do I have to stay by the fixed controller to adjust its speed, and I could walk around freely to enjoy my train's trip while keeping it in control with a small remote. The Kadee style metal couplers are THE best because they won't fail under loads from pulling long trains, like plastic versions often do, and have a reputation of lasting through years of hard abuse.


Finally, there's the chassis itself. It's the Bachmann medium-length, this is the village bicycle of all model train locomotives, the Chessie look can be changed out for various F7/F9 bodies including the iconic Santa Fe passenger trains and the more modern GP-look of today's freight engines. It's on eBay for 48$.


I'm thinking I should spring for the exhaust first since that'll provide more immediate happiness once I install it next week. The locomotive will hopefully still be around once I have more funds to spend. What're you thoughts, Oppo?