Unless you’re an American or a Canadian you’ll be familiar with Scania trucks.

Like this one, the newly introduced XT. It’s in its native country, because trees. And Swedish plates.

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Yes, it’s a perfectly ordinary looking truck. The difference is that has choices and then more choices.


Unless you’re an American your truck is likely to have an automated manual gearbox, like a Smart. You know the sort of thing - mechanical clutch and gearboxes (plural, because truck) operated automatically by hydraulics or electrics. Scania therefore give you the choice of manual or automatic versions of their 12 and 14 speed gearboxes, although the manual option is a vanishing one. But there’s another choice. You can get the automatic with two or three pedals. Go for three and you’re using a clutch to get moving but not otherwise. But there’s yet another option. Clutch on Demand. Tick this box and you get a third pedal which you can use or not just as you please. Think that you can control the clutch better than an ECU? Off you go. Get tired of this? Choose an option in a sub menu and give on foot a rest.

So there we have it. The best of both worlds, sorted.

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