Your best friend made a time machine out of toilet paper tubes and broken Xbox 360s. Saddly one of the Xboxs had a copy of a NASCAR racing game stuck inside of it and now the machine will only go back to 1949 where it forces you to enter the "Strickly Stock" class of NASCARs first race under the alias of "Mike Honcho". Which of the following cars to you pick to take back with you and why?

DMC12 Deloreon: Because you saw it once in a movie about a time machine and you are un-inventive. (Hmmm, perhaps I am un-inventive because I gave you this choice).

89 Ford Tempo with All Wheel Drive: Because this is one of your choices

1984 F-body Caramo: Because breakdown


Honda S2000: Because Vtec


Subaru Brat: Because seats in bed to avoid chicken tax.


1948 Kaiser: Because you can at least find parts.


In selecting your car, understand that winning the race is important as it turns out that inside the winners cup is a Wolfenstein disc (I have no idea how it got there). Once inserted into one of the Xbox 360s, the disc will make the time machine travel a bit further back in time where/when you can kill Hilter with a brand new Mercedes.

Here is the video, see you already did it.…

Please explain your choice. Feel free to tell a story on how the race will play out.

10000 Internets to the winner.