Let’s play a little game, I think this will be fun. Let’s say you were lucky, and you could choose any two cars you want. Except there’s a twist.

The rules:

You can pick two vehicles. These are the ONLY two vehicles you can own for the next five years. Vehicle one can be anything, at any price point. Vehicle two has a cap of $15,000. This makes things very interesting, as these are the only two vehicles you’ll be able to drive for five years. I’ll start.

My choices

Vehicle #1

This is my unlimited budget vehicle. I only have one child and I’m unmarried, so practicality isn’t such a murder for me. With that being said, I’m picking the best of all worlds, and choosing the facelifted Ferrari FF. V12 power, back seat and hatch back space, all wheel drive, and in my personal opinion...Glorious looks. Can’t go wrong with an FF, and yes I would definitely drive it through an Ohio winter. Zero fucks given.


Vehicle #2

Not easy to find at $15,000 but they’re out there. I’m choosing an 03/04 Evolution 8 SSL. Four doors, five speed manual transmission, all wheel drive and 4G63 reliability. Parts are dirt cheap and I’m extremely familiar with how to work on these. When the Ferrari is inevitably broken, my Evo will carry me through any weather and get mid 20s in the MPG range.


So, what would you choose, and why?

Choose wisely folks!