So, I’ve been hankering for a different car because I haven’t bought something different since the Buick. And I’ve come across a pair of notchback Japanese cars locally. Now I have to decide which, if any, I should get. No pictures yet because Kinja mobile.

1) 1986 Nissan 200SX, aka S12 Silvia. About 70k miles, front fenders are rusted out but chassis “appears sound”. Interior needs some love. CA20 and 5 speed. Motivated seller, recently dropped price from $900 to $500.

2) 1985 Toyota Corolla SR5 RWD. EDIT for more information: 153k miles, originally from Kansas, manual trans, not running because it was blowing oil out the breather and leaving puddles when parked (seller's words). Body appears pristine, comes with Watanabe/Minilite style wheels. $1500.

Or do I just keep the trio of Bonneville, Century (still down with fuel issue), and F150 (popped a rear tire last night)?