Choosing Which Car to Drive

So the purchase of a second car has opened up a world of new first world problems for me to contemplate. The biggest among them is which car to drive?

Here are some of the bullet points that factor into the decision:

- The two cars are a 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 with 99,670 miles, and a 1995 Miata with 129,300 miles.


- Both live outside.

- I have a dog.

- The Speed 3 gets an average of 25-26mpg on premium, the Miata should get 27-29 mpg on regular.

- Tires for the Speed 3 are at least $110 a piece. The tires I like for the Miata are $46. This is a big factor, I am hard on tires.

- My work commute is about 42 minutes total.

- The Speed 3 does not like sitting for more that two days. I let it sit out 3 days in the rain when I first bought the Miata, and it threw a CEL regarding the throttle body. A few weeks later it threw a TPMS light. Both issues resolved.


- I am 6'5"

So far my decision process is:

- If I need to take the dog somewhere and carry luggage - Speed 3

- If it is raining - Speed 3

- If I need some comfort - Speed 3

- If I need to be somewhere quickly - Speed 3

- If it is really hot - Speed 3

- If it is nice outside - Miata

- If I need to save gas - Miata

- If I want the drive to be more interesting - Miata

- If I am commuting - Miata

So far I seem to be driving the Miata about 60% of the time. I am happy with that.


What sort of criterion do you folks with multiple cars use? I imagine the decision gets easier if you have a garage or if one of the vehicles is much less suitable for commuting work.

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