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Christine's Back...

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So it’s finally happened. I managed to get pulled over by the cops in Virginia. Surprisingly it wasn’t for speeding, but for the driver’s side stoplight not working. This is weird, because it’s an LED, and the marker lights are the same LED array (and work just fine). Take it home, and clean the connections, and it springs to life. Wife is following in the other car today and tells me it’s stopped working again. Clean connections again - nothing this time.


Back a few years ago when it had 36K, it went completely nuts. Like possessed nuts. It spent a week at the dealer, and we had to get Chrysler corporate involved. I’m not sure what they did to be honest since the dealer was pissed we called corporate, but it has behaved for the most part since. Here’s the article from when that happened...


So on a hunch, I do a TIPM soft reset (just turn it to run, wait 12s, then crank). Stop light now works fine. Try it with the lights on - no dice. Turn lights off, and still no stop light. If I do another soft reset, and leave the lights off it starts working again.

Chrysler experts of Oppo - should I just bite the bullet and order a new TIPM? Or should I try to get at the harness and see if there’s a short somewhere? Is it worth trying the hard reset where you tie the battery cables together?

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