Christmas, Dad's and their influence on our Car tastes...

Dear oppo,

I hope to find you in good health.

I myself am feeling fine, the weather here has been great and work is rather busy but it being the end of the year already there isn’t much stress.


Everyone seems to be in high spirits, even my grumpy old self.

With Christmas fast approaching one can’t help but to feel some nostalgia, as the decorations get put up memories start coming back, memories of Christmas past, the childhood funny feelings in the stomach as i imagined what gifts awaited us of Christmas eve.

As many boys growing up with gearhead dad’s, Christmas was a time where they would happily begin passing on the family trouble, they would gift us with toy cars, books, puzzles and lead us down the path of greased garages and shouty wives.

I for one, in one of these dear Christmas summers, had the luck of being presented with the most awesome gifts I could have hoped for as a 7ish year old boy. This was the gift that would influence me through my teenage years and in some shape or form into my adulthood.


My dad presented me with a very interesting trio of hot wheels, a Porsche 930, a Lotus Esprit and a Ferrari Testarossa.


I feel my father too loved those cars back then, and they where his aspirational dream in a way and he wanted to share that with his kid.


Being only dreams however instead he loved and drove the hell out of a Second Generation Mitsubishi Lancer Wagon, those where 4 wheel drive and I remember it having a turbo, fuzzy memory, and he also had a Nissan Skyline R31 Sedan with the RB20DET, and both where imported from Japan.

As for me, I can’t stress enough how much I loved those toy cars, I nagged my father so much he got me 911 and Testarossa curtains for my bedroom, and he had to rent 007 - The Spy Who Loved Me with Roger Moore a great deal so I could watch the Esprit submarine.


Fun times they where.

I would say my tastes have ended up aligning with those of my father, I now like fast attainable sedans like him, the JDM Toyota Chaser’s, Mark 2's, X’s, M5’s, RS4 Avant’s or even Giulia’s (if that ever comes out).


If I where to name the equivalent (in lust and want factor) of those three of my childhood, I would name the B8 RS4 Avant, the Giulia and the E60 M5 in that specific order.

Tragically however I can’t say I have a lot of love for the super cars of our era, but I still hold one of those childhood heroes in very high regard:

  • The Porsche 930

It’s not a super car and as unattainable as it may be today with the crazy prices, I still love it and would like to own one some day.


For me, that car’s value transcends performance numbers on a spreadsheet, that car reminds me of a care free era, Christmas, and my dad.

So, what about you fellow Oppo’s, how was your car taste shaped by your pops?

What car-related memories do have of Christmas?

Please share, and have a great day :)

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