christmas dots

and a photodump i guess.... spent christmas day out in the sticks with me mum (well as out in the sticks as you can get round here)

anyhoo.. some new kids moved in to town... they drive these things to school


i think i’d be able to get along with these two

anyhoo... guess ill drop some pics of me walkabout i took em

the backyard... bigger than mine and full of birdies
welp... ive offered to clean the shed if i can keep the granny bike once i dug it out....i think i have a problem
ooo radwood
the house i done a good part of my failing to grow up in
hahaha..... farmers
nice place to live... nearest supermarket is almost 10 miles away tho quaint
oh my..... it never ends
who dis guy?.... welcome to the colony sounds pretty ominous
yep.....its flat here
hmmm... must be nearing dinnertime
looks like this is as far as the wildfire got earlier this year
and back in me mums sleepy little village
and on our way home again.... this roads lethal when your tired as the trees zooming past are damn near hypnotic

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