Christmas Eve with the in-laws

Much merriment was had, wonderful food was eaten, wine was enjoyed, and gifts were exchanged with those that have to leave early in the morning.

I bring you pictures of none of that. However, I do have pictures of my brother in law’s dogs who sadly only visit once a year.

Ok, I wouldn’t mind seeing my brother in law more often either.


This is Lana aka the love bug. She is a very good girl.

This is Dempsey. She is also a very good girl. She would like all the belly rubs please.


This is Zack. He is very sweet but somewhat skittish. He finally warmed up to me after I carved the roast. I think the small piece I shared may have helped, but I won’t tell if you don’t.

Bonus extra picture of Lana because I got another good one.

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