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Chrysler! What are you doing?

The above pictures vehicles constitutes the entirety of the Chrysler model range. The 300 and the Pacifica (the website lists the Pacifica Hybrid separately but who are they kidding). I doubt the brand will last much longer. Jeep is doing great with the crossover market so Chrysler doesn’t need to add more competition to that segment. The 300 could be phased out if dodge had well appointed, premium, charger. The Pacifica is also uselessly redundant. I don’t think there is a place for them anymore. Alfa Romeo is back so Chrysler doesn’t even need to fill the luxury/pseudo luxury market. Come to think of it , between the two of them, Alfa Romeo and Dodge could probably attract all of the Chrysler 300 sales. What do you guys think? Are we seeing the end of Chrysler? Or will FCA roll out a new 2019 line to revitalize the brand and create competition with all of their current brands.


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