Today’s smoke was a Baccarat Gordo (6x50) that I swapped with a friend for one of my Punch London Clubs (5x40), my regular smoke. It was the first Baccarat I’ve had, and initially I was disappointed with the sweetened cap, since I didn’t know Baccarats have that. (I’m not a fan of sweetened cigars; they remind me too much of Swisher Sweets.) But once the sweetness wore off, it was a nice smoke. It had a natural wrapper (I prefer Maduro), and was pretty mild until the end, where it got noticeably stronger, though on the whole it was milder than I prefer. (There’s a reason that Baccarats are popular with first-time or non-regular smokers.) Still, it had good flavor, but could have been spicier for my taste. Draw was easy (maybe a tad too easy, as I felt it was gone too soon), burn was good and even, with a solid ash. Cost is about $4/stick (based on box price, expect to pay about $5-6 as a single), which is twice what I pay for a London Club. I would rate it about 7/10.