I rolled out of bed on Saturday morning with all the grace of tranquilized Koala. It was in the mid 30’s outside and super foggy. I didn’t think they’re would be many people there, but I decided to hop down to Cars & Coffee anyway.

Thankfully I was wrong. I didn’t take many pics because my hands were cold and busy hold a nice warm cup of coffee.

Several people rode their motorcycles too, thus making me feel a little bit like a bitch for not riding mine cause it was cold.

Finally got my buddy to bring his mustang down for the first time


mmmmmm shelby stripes

oooh is that an Aston?


and a Mitsubishi Starion with a 1JZ swap.

There was a super clean OG Mini but he left before I could get a pic.


I also kind of dig the LED lights on this old Suzuki for some reason