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Cintas shenanigans

I figured based on some of the stories here of Fedex screwups that some folks here might enjoy my saga of dealing with Cintas.

I started my job at the end of August and was fitted for my uniform the first Tuesday in September. The plan was I’d get 6 long sleeve shirts, 7 short sleeve shirts, 13 pairs of pants, and 2 jackets. I was told they’d be delivered in about two weeks. That didn’t happen.


Four weeks after the fitting the driver informed us they had made my uniforms but managed to lose them before delivery.

Six weeks after; still no uniforms but a promise they’d be in soon.

Eight weeks after fitting I get the pants and 13 short sleeve shirts. Still no jackets and no long sleeve shirts.

The next week they deliver 13 more pants I’m not supposed to have, 6 more short sleeve shirts I shouldn’t have, and one jacket in the wrong size. I return the pants and extra shirts but am told to keep the jacket till I get the ones in the right size. It was one size too big so at least I could’ve worn it if needed.

Two weeks later I get another full set of shirts, but at least this set includes the long sleeve shirts. Oh and I get a second jacket in a whole different wrong size than the first. This one was a large-short, and since I’m 6-4 and 240lbs that wasn’t going to work.


Now, this week and I got still more shirts I shouldn’t have, two jackets (finally the right size), and yet another jacket in an incorrect size.

I’ve never had good luck with uniform companies, but this is pathetic. Basically I’ve had 26 pairs of pants, 32 shirts, and 5 jackets delivered to me.

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