Cities Skylines: The solution.

Maybe it’s because Colossal Order hates cars and car drivers, but the truth is that car traffic is so painfully stupid that no matter how well or badly connected my city is, or how much I regulate my highways, cars will find a way to pile up in a single lane and make a fucking mess.

So I made a few changes and upgrades from the last version of my city. In the span since this post it grew from 110,000 to around 180,000 cims. This is the new map:


Key changes are:
* Downsized the airport, made a single airport-harbor complex that is completely isolated from the rest of the city
*Reduced road entry into the city significantly.
*Specialized many districts in the North Western area of the city; those became the main tourist spots
*Created brand new passenger and freight cargo lines.
*created two “express lanes” on the Western and Southern corridor of the highway that allow cars that don’t want to take the exits to avoid all the traffic.

The cargo and passenger train routes are the biggest changes.
Cargo trains:
Three independent lines: Maple Hills and Farmland, Fawn Industrial, Madison Pa Industrial; all three lines were placed strategically so that minimal modifications could allow for further development. These three lines have two directions: either your trains go to the Foreign Cargo Stations, or they go to the Foreign ports. Each line has their own sea port and cargo station.
As for cargo trucks and semis; they must enter the city and choose to go to the North Eastern Mines or go to the Foreign Ports in a discriminated highway that doesn’t let them enter the city.

Passenger trains:
Four independent lines: Maple Hills, and Highland area get their own lanes while Farmland/Umber Square and Walnut Park are serviced by a single NW line, Madison Park and Lilac are served by a single SE line. Initially I wanted to connect Farmland and the Maple Hills with a monorail, but I found the placement of stations easier, plus I had space in the main station. All stations have metro/tram access.
As for the Airport, it’s served by a Monorail with two lines: one line goes to the Farmland train station (in case they want to use a high speed train) and to the tourist area in the NW area of the city.
I am also discriminating foreign car traffic, as all foreign cars must enter straight into the new central station.


Some fixes are still needed, for instance Oak Hills, a small industrial area, is still only serviceable by truck since making a railway would’ve been space prohibited.
I still need to fix the Western corridor of the perimeter highway, this has a huge amount of traffic. I should also replace all of my metro lines and remove most of the bus and tram services.

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